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How to Order!

The website will be open for ordering on
Restock Days! On that day and time
you will be able to place an order!

Because True Leaf Collection is run completely by me, I can only take on a certain amount of orders at a time. Which has resulted in some of my restocks selling out. On restock days once I have reached my maximum amount of orders my items will be listed as "out of stock" until my next restock. If I do not reach that maximum order amount my website will remain open for ordering!

Each of my pieces are made to order. 
This allows customers to pick their own size and not run the risk of their size or style running out of stock.This does mean that each order will have a 2-4 week production time.

Some prints and colours are not guaranteed to come back each restock so if there is something you love, it's best to get in on that restock! I recommend having your sizes, prints and style choices picked out ahead of time so your checkout is smooth and easy! You can view products for sale in the shop tab and determine your size using my sizing chart!

If you have any questions about placing an order check out the FAQ page or send an email to
and I would be happy to help!


Stay tuned to my social media platforms to find out when the next launch will be! 


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