How to Order Swimwear!

You may have noticed that recently I have had to change things up to the ordering process.

 I personally love to have everything made to order because this allows customers to pick their own sizes for each individual piece and not run the risk of their size running out of stock. 

Because True Leaf is run completely by me in my home and has had some growth over the past year, I have made the decision to allow ordering in "launches" or "phases".


What this means is that the website will open up for ordering at a specific day and time and once all the order spots are filled, the website will close to allow time for production. The production process generally takes 2-4 weeks at which point there will be another launch!


Stay tuned to my social media platforms to find out when the next launch will be! 

Please also read my FAQ page which explains some of the common questions when it comes to ordering swimwear.